A New Approach to
Indoor Wireless Connectivity

Cellium’s Patented Technology

Cellium’s patented technology enables down / up conversion of radio frequency (RF) signals emanating from any radio signal source, including Cellular LTE & 5G-NR, WiFi, or IoT, to/from Intermediate Frequency (IF) and to be transmitted over existing in-wall CATx Ethernet copper or coaxial cables, while overcoming cable impairments.

Cellium’s technology is integrated into its proprietary SoC (System-on-a-Chip) and used as the heart of the company’s products. Cellium’s SoC provides the means to allow cost-effective In-Building Wireless (IBW) coverage via Cellium’s antenna EdgeAir sub-system. The Base Unit (BU) connects to any 3rd Party RAN equipment from one end and transmits the converted IF signal over copper cables in the analog domain to multiple Remote Units (RUs) which can be installed in every room and space within the indoor area to reconvert and transmit the signal.

System Block Diagram

A wireless, RF Technology agnostic solution capable of handling MIMO signals with no handover or network management.