Cellium's low-cost, power-efficient end-to-end antenna extension sub-system provides full in-building coverage.


EdgeAir Solution

Cellium’s EdgeAir is a low-cost and power-efficient end-to-end Antenna extension sub-system that can be utilized for a full in-building wireless coverage (IBW) and capacity boost.

The EdgeAir system consists of multiple elements which together provide the means to transfer 3rd party RAN equipment RF signals over CATx, fiber, or coax cables, in the analog domain – without any digital to analog conversion, compression, or other degradation of the RF signal. The RF signal, originating at the source (RAN equipment) is down-converted from RF to IF, transmitted over CATx copper wires to remote units where the signal is up-converted from IF to RF and transmitted over the air utilizing the remote unit’s local FEM (Front-end-Module) and antennas.

EdgeAir utilizes Cellium’s patented SoCs which are RAT, RAN topology, and Vendor Agnostic. The SoCs are designed to dramatically reduced system costs.

EdgeAir 'm' Family

Cellium’s EdgeAir ‘m’ Family is specifically designed for MNO deployment, with NSA topology in mind. The EdgeAir ‘m’, provides the means for the MNO, to easily deploy multiple antennas indoors where a single remote unit can transmit and receive both LTE (up to 40MHz) and 5G-NR (up to 100MHz). Thus reducing the cost of installation and real-estate of multiple units – reducing CAPEX, OPEX, and installation cost.

The EdgeAir ‘m’ family consists of multiple elements (products), which together allow the MNO or the landlord to deploy an NSA based 5G-NR system efficiently in any type of in-building deployment.

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EdgeAir system consists of the following elements:

EdgeAir mBU

The EdageAir mBU is an NSA Base Unit, which interacts with multiple 3rd party RAN equipment.

It supports up to 4×4 100MHz 5G-NR RAN equipment and up to 2×2 40MHz LTE RAN equipment, via its RF interface.

It also connects, via CATx cables, with up to 8 mRUs directly or 8 mEU (future) to allow support for up to 64 mRUs in total.

EdgeAir mRU

The EdageAir mRU is an NSA Remote Unit, which interact with Cellium’s mBU, mEU (future) and mPU (future).

It provides a 2×2 100MHz 5G-NR RAN and 2×2 40MHz LTE RAN transmission and receive capabilities.