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EdgeAir 'P' Family

Cellium’s EdgeAir ‘P’ Family is specifically designed for Private Network deployment, utilizing existing or greenfield CATx Infrastructure, to distribute Cellular alongside the exisiting LAN. The EdgeAir ‘P’, provides the means for the Private Network owner, System Integrator or Service Provider, to easily deploy multiple antennas indoors where a single remote unit can transmit and receive 5G-NR private network signals while allowing the signal to pass through the LAN signal of existing WiFi Access Points (APs). Thus, reducing the cost of installation, allowing both technologies to co-exist and utilize existing WiFi AP equipment – reducing CAPEX, OPEX, and installation cost.

The EdgeAir ‘P’ family consists of multiple elements (products), which together allow the Private Network to deploy a SA based 5G-NR system alongside 3rd party WiFi Equipment’

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EdgeAir 'P' family consists of the following elements:

  • Interface Unit (CIU) – Interacts with the 3rd party RAN equipment (LTE and 5G-NR) via four antenna ports.

  • Expander Unit (CEU) – connects to the CIU, each CEU has eight ports to connect to the CRU or up to eight additional CEU’s

  • Remote Unit (CRU) – multi-RAT Active Antenna Unit

EdgeAir CIU

The EdgeAir CIU is an SA Interface Unit, which interacts with multiple 3rd party RAN equipment.

The CIU supports up to 4×4 100MHz 5G-NR RAN equipment and provides the means to interface to ethernet equipment.

It also connects, via CATx cables, via the CEU to 8 CRU’s, or up to 8 CEU’s to allow support for up to 64 CRU’s.

EdgeAir CEU

The EdgeAir CEU is an expander unit that connects to the CIU, it has eight CRU ports to support one level of cascading. Alternatively, eight CEU’s can connect to the initial CEU to provide up to 64 CRU ports.

EdgeAir CRU

The EdgeAir CRU is an SA Remote Unit, which connects to Cellium’s CEU and provides the means to cascade ethernet equipment.

It provides a 4×4 100MHz 5G-NR RAN transmission and receive capabilities.

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