Wide Spectrum.
Protocol Agnostic.
Cost Effective.

Cellium brings to market a patented technology designed to revolutionize indoor wireless connectivity.
Our intelligent SoC is the world’s first to optimally distribute any sub-7 GHz wireless protocol to
address the current and future needs of In-Building Wireless (IBW) connectivity. It is compatible with
all existing indoor wireless technologies, including the latest cellular 5G, WiFi 6/6E, and IoT networks.

Introducing a disruptive Indoor Wireless
Coverage System

Our end-to-end system is comprised of a Cellium Base Unit that distributes the analog RF signal to various
Cellium Remote Units mounted in the indoor space. The analog RF signal is distributed to the Remote Units over
existing in-wall copper cables such as CATx or Coax. The Base Unit has antenna ports to connect to the RF interface
of any third-party Signal Source or WiFi Access Point with a standard RF cable.

Addressing Indoor Wireless
Coverage Challenges

  • Spectrum

    The latest Cellular and WiFi communication protocols are designed to transmit wide bandwidth, on high frequencies and high modulation rates that require high SNR and low latency. Furthermore, each Cellular cell or Wi-Fi Access Point occupies larger parts of the available spectrum, dramatically increasing congestion and dropping the SNR/SIR, resulting in rate drop and low spectrum efficiency in dense indoor deployments.

  • Coverage

    Intense wireless spectrum utilization has forced regulators to allocate new frequencies for 5G and WiFi 6/6E standards in higher mid-band spectrum. These frequencies suffer high penetration loss that significantly drop the SNR and consequently shorten the system coverage. Current indoor systems have significant high cost in order to distribute this signal and achieve high performance and throughput.

  • Deployment

    In order to meet the technical requirements of high frequency and high bandwidth radio technologies, traditional indoor cellular coverage deployments require significant investment in infrastructure such as RF cables, fibers, radios, and installations for each new technology. Furthermore, most deployments are not future-proof and requires a rip-and-replace to support new bands and protocols.

  • Cost

    Cellular 5G and WIFI 6/6E SoC consist of MIMO and higher modulation rates that require much higher processing power compared to older cellular or WiFi technology SOCs. The number of RF chains are doubled or quadrupled to keep up with the latest advances in wireless technologies, increasing the system cost.

A New Approach to Indoor Wireless Connectivity

Our patented technology and SoC convert radio signals emanating from a signal source, such as Cellular small
cell / RU, WiFi AP, or IoT hub at the Base Unit cable edge; and distribute it over existing in-wall CATx Ethernet
copper or coaxial cables. The cables carry the wireless signals in the analog domain to multiple radio Remote
Units which can be installed in every room and space within the indoor area to reconvert and transmit the signal.

System Block Diagram

A wireless protocol agnostic RF technology that handles MIMO
signals with no handover or management required.

Backwards Compatible and Future Proof

  • All Generations
    Cellular Licensed Spectrum

    We offer a true high bandwidth wireless distribution system that provides enhanced performance indoor wireless coverage at low cost. Our system maximizes utilization of the air interface to improve signal distribution, delivering higher MIMO rates, and can cover hundreds of MHz bandwidth; distributing the entire sub-7GHz spectrum for either single, multi, or to all operators.

  • WiFi 6/6E and CBRS
    Semi/Unlicensed Spectrum

    Our system supports the latest Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E protocols with up to 160 MHz bandwidth, 8×8 MIMO configuration, and high range antenna diversity; facilitating the capability of the latest standards such as MU-MIMO and Cooperative MIMO to maximize network utilization. We collocate Cellular licensed bands, CBRS, and Wi-Fi in a single unified system to address the entire indoor wireless connectivity need.

System & Technology Benefits

A disruptive technology that significantly enhances the performance of indoor Cellular, WiFi
and IoT wireless networks at a fraction of the cost, utilizing existing in-wall Ethernet or Coax
cables as part of the wireless network.


  • No interferences
  • No Handoffs
  • Ultra low latency
  • Improved user experience
  • Simple and longer cables
  • Significantly lower power consumption


  • Optimized network speed and very high modulation rate
  • Quarter of the frequencies used by competing solutions
  • Designed to run on in-wall existing copper wires
  • No radio frequency planning
  • Reduced spectrum usage


  • Dedicated chip replaces many off-the-shelf components
  • Reduced cable costs
  • Simple installation
  • No management required
  • Low system and installation cost (CAPEX)
  • Low maintenance and zero management cost (OPEX)


  • Dror Jerushalmi CEO

    Dror attained over 30 years’ high-level management and international business development and marketing experience in the hi-tech sector. Prior to joining Cellium, Dror co-founded and led Valens as its CEO for over 13 years. Valens is a leading fabless semiconductor company whose HDBaseT technology has been adopted as a standard for connectivity in the audio-video and automotive markets. Prior to Valens, Dror assumed marketing and business development managerial roles in different companies.

  • Oz Liv Co-Founder & President

    Prior to founding Cellium, Oz served as the Head of the elite R&D Unit of the IDF which specializes in computerized systems and wireless technologies. Since 1998, he was involved in the management of several hi-tech start-ups, served as a venture partner in a leading Israeli VC firm, and founded GoNET Systems in 2003.

  • Roy Kinamon Co-Founder & COO

    Roy brings to Cellium over 20 years of communications engineering development experience and responsible for leading all product development and engineering. Prior to founding Cellium, Roy was VP R&D and VP marketing at GoNet systems, an outdoor WiFi company. He also managed the Israel Design Center for STMicroelectronics (NASDAQ: STM), leading over 50 engineers developing STM’s xDSL chipset solutions.

  • Raz Kivelevich-Carmi CMBO

    Raz has extensive knowledge in Telecom and Wireless technologies, with over 20 years’ experience in product, marketing and business. Prior to joining Cellium, Raz led the HW product management and product marketing at Airspan Networks and served in lead positions in companies including DSP Group (acquired by Synaptics), Siano Mobile Silicon, PowerDesine (acquired by MicroChip), Emblaze Semiconductor, Followup (acquired by Microsoft) and Zoran.

  • Gil Bahat CFO

    Gil leads the company’s finances, bringing with him more than a decade of local and global finance and managerial experience. Previous experience includes: CFO at Zeekit and Sompo Digital Labs TLV; VP Finance at OryxVision and Cynerio. Senior Controller at BiolineRX (NASDAQ: BLRX), and audit manager at PwC Israel where he led audit teams, as well as advised companies in various stages, from establishment through M&A’s and IPO’s, both local and abroad.

  • Amir Meir CTO

    Amir brings over 20 years of experience and innovation in the wireless industry. Prior to joining Cellium, Amir co-founded Ubiqam as its CTO for over 12 years. Ubiqam is a leading wireless immunity company whose technology has been adopted by Tier 1 and HLS wireless carriers. Prior to Ubiqam, Amir led innovation and IPR at Cobham Wireless and served in executive positions in companies including Axell Wireless and Dekolink wireless. Amir holds more than 10 patents, a BSc. with honors in Electrical Engineering and MBA from the Ben-Gurion University, Israel.

  • Sharon Ashkenazi VP R&D

    Sharon brings over 25 years of communications engineering development and management experience. Prior to joining Cellium, Sharon served as VP engineering at Gonet systems, an outdoor WiFi company. Prior to that he was a founding team member of Congruency, a VoIP startup acquired by Telrad Networks (TLRD). Before that Sharon served in an elite R&D unit of the IDF developing a unique communication and security systems.